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      1. Retire to Comfort

        Designed and built by Claridge Homes and operated by Riverstone Retirement Communities, our residences offer an unmatched level of comfort, dignity and style.

        Discover Riverstone
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        We're putting a new face on the look of retirement living in Ottawa. Designed and built by Claridge Homes and operated by Riverstone Retirement Communities, our residences offer an unmatched level of comfort, dignity and style.


        Featured Communities

        Four people smiling for the mera at Stirling Park Retirement Community

        Stirling Park

        Stirling Park is professionally managed and operated by Riverstone Retirement Communities. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, Riverstone is a leader in quality accommodations and support services for seniors. Like every Riverstone community, Stirling Park offers variety and choice—from daily activities, to the selection of meals prepared by our talented in-house chef. Our community is designed to provide you with all the comfort and security you need, so you n live with peace and independence.

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        A couple happily looking off into the distance at Oakpark Retirement Community


        You're looking for a new place you n feel refree and young at heart. Where your meals are served by friendly staff in a luxurious dining room. Where you n enjoy a game of bridge, an outing on the bus or a walk through the woods to listen to the birds sing. Where your old friends n visit and meet your new friends. Oakpark is where you'll find exactly the kind of active, refree lifestyle you deserve, with all the comfort and services that allow you to enjoy life!

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        Services & re

        Riverstone is proud to offer a selection of re alternatives that allow you to choose the lifestyle that suits you best: independent living, residential re or one of our two assisted living arrangements—physil assisted living and memory re.

        These lifestyle options include one- and two-bedroom suites, some with a den, as well as studio suites, most with balconies. They feature flexible meal plans and snacks, housekeeping and laundry services, 24-hour emergency response and around-the-clock professional nursing staff, as well as accessible bus and van transportation for planned outings and activities.

        Riverstone Retirement Communities also offer fully furnished suites that n be rented for trial periods or for guest, convalescent and respite stays, provided there is availability.

        Independent Living

        Independent Living

        Our independent living option is the perfect choice for those seeking an active independent lifestyle with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they n access emergency nursing services if needed. It includes flexible meal plans, weekly housekeeping and laundry services, and 24-hour emergency response, as well as accessible bus and van transportation.

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        Residential re

        Residential re

        Our residential re option includes all independent living services, with the additional convenience of daily housekeeping and personal laundry services, as well as the administration and supervision of medition. With this lifestyle, residents n enjoy a flexible, independent way of life, while getting personalized support with life’s daily necessities.

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        Physil Assisted Living

        Physil Assisted Living

        Our physil assisted living option includes all residential re services. Residents who choose this lifestyle also receive enhanced physil re to assist with activities of daily living.

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        Memory re

        Memory re

        Our Memory re option includes all physil assisted living services, as well as enhanced re designed specifilly for residents with dementia.

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        What our Residents are Saying

        “I was talking to my Mom today at about 3:25 p.m. and all of a sudden she had to run beuse she remembered they had the bean bag toss at 3:30 p.m. So she had to hang up and put her lipstick on! n you believe it?! Music to my ears! Six months ago, if I told her to go play a game of bean bag toss, she would have laughed and said ‘Not a chance!’ Your staff sure knows what they’re doing and they are doing it very well.”

        – Sheila

        “Perhaps in your profession you become familiar with the sad progression of dementia and the ultimate necessary outcomes for a married couple. And perhaps you have ‘seen it all.’ But you and your group’s compassion, tenderness, humour, professionalism and love made this traumatic first-time for my parents and our family so much more bearable.”

        – Peter

        “I just wanted to take a few moments to acknowledge the phenomenal job that your staff is doing in the provision of re for a couple of your residents in particular. The superlative level of re provided by your facility staff, both prior to and during the shift nursing staff’s visits, was evident in the skin conditions of these two residents. The devotion and fondness that your staff shows for these two gentlemen was also apparent during each of our frequent shifts to turn and reposition them and provide personal re.”

        – Marilyn, RN, CCM

        “Thank you so much for all that you do for my dad. You take such wonderful re of him; we so greatly appreciate all your kindness and support.”

        – Deb & Family

        “Over the months, she truly viewed it as home. She also made new friends, which helped her mindset tremendously as she was isolated in her old apartment and had no real social interaction outside family and doctors. She has been lucky to be relatively healthy and independent, but we always knew rlingwood had solutions should she need additional assistance. It was also evident that the staff acted like a family (everyone knew everyone else and all just wanted to help) which signifintly contributed to a positive environment. I know that culture is hard to cultivate and impossible to fake.”

        – Chris